recent events in baby boy land

i’ve noticed that sufyan’s development goes like this:
smooth sailing. rough time. new skill. smooth. rough. new skill. for example when he was 4 months, he went from “little buddha” to complainer whiney butt. then he learned to sit up and all was smooth again. at 5 months until 9.5 months he would drag us around by our hands to help him walk and yell and scream when we didn’t want to walk around the house for the 50th time. then he learned to walk and it was smooth again.
now we are in another rough time. he is working on talking, communicating more specific needs, and lots of independence. and it’s melt down city when we: won’t hold him at the light switches for more than 10 minutes. have to put him down to pee. won’t sit in a parked car in the 100 degree car interior so he can play at the console and steering wheel. won’t let him climb alone to the back of the couch.
as challenging as it is, it’s also pretty cool to see him suddenly expanding his understanding of what’s possible…if only we’d give him a little help. and he is working so hard on communicating verbally that he talks in his sleep sometimes. and he CLIMBS in his sleep, too! which means we rescue him from this weird, upside down backwards sleep position throughout the night (head hanging off the top of his bed)
I went to meet a midwife yesterday, and S wasn’t feeling like visiting. He was complaining and grumping, and the midwife commented on his “cute crying face”. We get that a lot, because S is emphatic about everything he does. (Jenna took most of the following photos with her phone camera)

a fall this morning from our front porch step onto the doormat 😦

happy guy
serious with panda
frustration. i want to hold the camera!
really getting to the bottom of it
sweet little curls!
sad baby. he wants the camera for real.
more serious panda
and jenna wrangling both boys!


2 thoughts on “recent events in baby boy land

  1. I love that post – emotions of Sufyan.He looks like Clair when he’s frustrated! She is having that face a lot these days because she can just BARELY crawl, and she can pull her self up on things (just sometimes), and she wants to do it all the time. Since she is not stable enough to practice standing without a net (ie. me or daddy), she makes that wonderful frustrated face if we need to put her down – and then she cries.My friend just lent her a walker, and she is in LOVE with it. She cries when I take it away. I think we will have mobility soon!

  2. Elise and I really liked these photos. Elise says she especially likes the grumpy face ones. She really felt sorry for his little scraped cheek. No one really warns you that the toddler years are full of black eyes and bumps and scrapes. It does even out after awhile though.So exciting that he’s verbalizing more. Elise wanted to let you know that she almost cried when she saw the picture of him hurt and that she really misses him and hopes to see him again soon. (She’s dictating this to me now 🙂

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