a little boy lives here

(Fell asleep on the walk home…)

in my yard: a pool 1/2 full of yesterday’s water, sandbox, swing, slide.
on my porch: miniature watering can, tiny shovel.
in my living room a tiny toothbrush laying on the armchair.
truck, stuffed panda, pretend soup.
half eaten slices of cheese, cut up grapes, crumbling cookies strewn about my fridge in colorful containers.
stickers here and there, as “using the potty” rewards.
kitty magnet on my pillow, lilliputian shirt covered in dried yogurt in the hall.
beside me a monitor hisses static, the sound of a nap.
in his bed, finally sleeping, my little son. the joy of my life.


4 thoughts on “a little boy lives here

  1. I adore that picture!!! the look on your face as you look at him sleeping in your arms would melt and iceberg! Life sure does change pretty dramatically with children, and I promise that it will continue to do so… 🙂

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