recent photos and fun

First, a word about Christ’s busy schedule. This label came on a Papa John’s pizza box from a recent super craving of mine. It reads, “Your pizza experience managed by Christ” at the top. Now, what do I know about such things but….I bet Christ has more important matters to attend to than my pizza experience. The best guess we have is that the manager is actually “Christy” or “Christopher” or even “Chris T”, and that his/her name was cut off. Or maybe my pizza experience was blessed.

Sufyan loves this Wile E. Coyote doll that was his Baba’s. He asks me to nurse Wiley, diaper Wiley, and let Wiley sleep. And now, in the midst of us stepping up potty training, Wiley also uses the toilet. This really cracked Sufyan up, too! He was just giggling about it, and when he saw these photos he laughed some more.

And here is the silly little man using the potty to scoot backwards around the room….which also made him crack up…

scooting action shot…

playground photos

this slide is exciting to him and he won’t go without me

can you see when you hold the ball like that Sufyan?

seeing if rocks might balance on the ball…

making a cute face because he is really happy to be…just to be!

we see this full pomegranate tree when we take our morning walk. the branches are heavy with them!

and finally, the little man’s deluxe stroller set up. shades, snacks, and a water bottle.

oops, one more super cute little happy-to-be smile.


3 thoughts on “recent photos and fun

  1. Love the potty training Wile E. Coyote! Too funny. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up?!!!!! Love ya, KymP.S. If you get a chance, check my Facebook page for Walker's surgery updates.

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