12 weeks!

the magical marker, the line between ifs and certainties, has been crossed!
I am 12 weeks +1 day pregnant. Want to see what the little one looks like (theoretically)?

And I feel like I can finally have some joy about this pregnancy. It maybe sounds terrible, but it’s been hard to feel joy amidst the worry, the sickness, and the exhaustion. It feels great to be happy again! Even those who know me well didn’t know, I don’t think, how hard this has been. I can safely say I was a bit depressed. Because I WANT to feel joy about this pregnancy, and I was constantly bombarded with those other symptoms that left so little room for happiness. Well, I still am but at least the worry is dissipating!

Meanwhile, Sufyan is doing great. I just loooove this photo of him at the playground last week.


2 thoughts on “12 weeks!

  1. Congratulations! Hey you also hit that magical morning sickness peak, so (hopefully) it's all downhill from here on that end.And he looks so grown up in that pic! I can't believe it!

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