Another story in pictures

I am 14 weeks pregnant! My second trimester officially begins now. The nausea is easing up some, but I still spend nights suddenly seized by heaving into the kitchen sink or…wherever. Sufyan now see me getting sick and imitates the sound of throwing up. It is pretty hilarious in a sad kind of might-as-well-laugh way. And I have a major aversion to raw onions and garlic in any form. The smell, the taste, the thought….

We have this amazing woman coming to sit with Sufyan 2 times a week for 3 hours each time and she has been doing art projects with him! (she is a working artist herself and truly a god send). Check out my son’s first paste project and watercolors! I am one proud mama!

Yesterday we went to a historic park that houses peacocks and many sculpted ponds and beautiful old oaks.

It’s mating season so the peacocks were courting their hens with beautiful displays!

The peacocks were not impressed or concerned by our nearness to them.

And as you can see, some people aren’t that impressed with peacocks either (look at his funny bored face! like, “come ON, mom.”)

Dirt to dig in is much more fun!

Snack break!

We saw beautiful flowers.

We saw turtles seeing us and trying to hide…
big old Koi

But he still really loves to play in the water at home in his yard almost more than anything.

Anything except driving, that is!


3 thoughts on “Another story in pictures

  1. Way to go little artiste! This is so funny because we spent the week doing the exact same things as you… zilker playground (thanks for the parking pass!), mayfield gardens, water in the yard, etc. 🙂

  2. I love the artwork! They're so fun at this age. And, hey, we saw peacocks this week too. The funny thing is, that engine he's playing on is one I played on when I was a kid too. We miss you guys 😦

  3. Aiden and I indulged in a bit of art criticism and we are pretty sure that the bottom piece of artwork is depicting two T-Rex's doing battle in the thick of the primeval jungle!!! We aren't' sure if it's meant to be a social commentary, or an expression of inner emotion, but we sure do like it! It seems he's inherited his mother's talents 🙂

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