today we find out…

last night:
woke several times nervous about this morning’s 8:30am “anatomy scan”. I am nervous to find out something is wrong! No idea why something would be wrong. Faris is confident and happy.

Sufyan wakes us up by walking out of his bed and climbing into ours. He is so sweet, rolling around saying, “mama!” Sweet, endearing, and why not sleep a little longer, Sufyan???

we are all up and getting ready. I am nervous! Why am I so nervous? And excited, too! Sufyan is running around yelling “BABA!” and eating strawberries on the run. Faris is shaving. I’m quietly worrying. And wondering: Boy or girl??? I know it’s a girl, I have said so all along.

we arrive with Ambassador Sufyan who goes straight to the little courtesy fridge and gets busy taking out bottles of water and making the other clients smile.

scanning. Brain lobes all there, head measures well, baby is nestled deep down low in my pelvis. Arm bones all there, waist, kidneys, spine, legs, eyes, bladder, stomach, blood flow to/from placenta looks great, heart rate perfect and….

(we are 98% sure)

I am- WE are- so thrilled!!! Hurray for a baby sister for Sufyan! Let the cute little dress parade begin!
Wow. I can’t believe how lucky we are.


9 thoughts on “today we find out…

  1. CONGRATS!!! WE ARE THRILLED TOO! You know I have an older brother and the dynamic of older bro, younger sis is just lovely–even if I seem like the older sister much of the time!!! Yay! xoxoxoxo-Liz

  2. Congratulations!!! What fun — I'm sure Sufyan will be a great big brother and it is fun to have an excuse to buy lots of little dresses. 🙂

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