26 reasons to love them

1) cool dudes

2) Lucas is the bouncer at this club.

3) Best Friends!

4) sharing a snack

5)tractors are super cool, especially when it’s too hot to go anyplace outside. (and even though Home Depot mysteriously begins playing a “keep your children safe” announcement over the intercom…)

6) Baba, I can do it!

7) Show me again how you blow bubbles!

8) an early morning at the springs bathhouse.

9) naked babies are too cute for words.

10) dimple! I see my niece Elise in this photo, she makes this face too!

11) My little man mastering the stairs on his own

12) impromptu pretending to sleep happens everywhere, even at the playground.

13) he’s just looking so grown up.

14) Is that a camera, mama?



17) what a face.




21) pretending to sleep, and looking super sweet.

22) more pretend sleeping.

23) pop goes the baby!

24) ummmm, hilarious.

25) climbing in to find….

26) my puppy!


3 thoughts on “26 reasons to love them

  1. Ah, too cute! I love the series with him noticing the camera. Especially the last two. First the raised eyebrow "come on mom you know you're going to give me that thing" and then the "fine if we have to do this the hard way" look. I see that combo quite frequently from E these days. And the Jacques Costeau/Life Aquatic hat pic is too funny! Can't wait to see you guys!

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