nice morning

I will be 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow! My little girl kicks, moves, rolls around constantly. These movements are such a unique feeling and I remember them so well from my pregnancy with Sufyan. I remember describing them as similar to a big muscle tick in that the sensation is very obviously not your doing and will start and stop on it’s own. But this baby’s movements are somehow bigger than that, and she is sitting very low and deep down in my pelvis. I love the reminder of her presence and immanent arrival. “poke. jab. roll. I am here, Mama.”
This morning Sufyan and I spent an hour on a huge, newly sodded field in town. We brought food and a ball, which was more than enough to make for a very nice morning.

finishing our snack

Sufyan’s hair is getting curlier and a bit darker.

We later climbed on those big rocks in the background.

practicing kicking the ball with his new shoes (he loves them so much I can’t easily persuade him to wear his sandals anymore)

Mission accomplished.

Sufyan was so mesmerized by the mowing tractor that the driver waved at us!

He was, as usual, far more interested in what he could find than what we had brought with us. He is a naturalist at heart, like his mama.

Ah! This is Sufyan in the middle of signing to me that he wants more bunny crackers! Those little pointer fingers are bunny ears and he puts them up to his head!

We also kicked off our shoes and padded through the very soft grass over to this volleyball court–a.k.a. huge sandbox–to do some digging.

It was a very nice morning, and we may even go back tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I have decided to go ahead with my plans to travel on a plane in a few weeks with Sufyan. We are going to take situational, nutritional, and all other precautions but we are going to go.


One thought on “nice morning

  1. Sufyan is so cute! So much older than the last pictures I remember seeing. Congratulations on your new pregnancy! Now you know what to expect and that makes it a little easier doesn't it? It did for me anyway.

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