S running around naked, flapping his arms and singing.
Me making dinner.
Him taking out the frozen yogurt and bargaining for a bite or two. I tell him he can have more after dinner, which garners some complaining.
Crayons to entertain him go all over the counter and the floor.
I desperately chop broccoli.
He begs for a waffle. Begs. He has eaten like a bird all day, so I give him the waffle.
F calls to say he will be late.
S uses his crayons to draw on his waffle.
S is now wearing a bib. Period.
S hides under his learning tower. Tells me its his house.
I have finished making his mashed potatoes. He takes one bite spews them out.
I have finished making his chili. He takes one bite and spews it out.
I have finished making his broccoli. He likes it.
There you have it:
frozen yogurt, waffle, and broccoli for dinner.
No attire required.


4 thoughts on “chaos

  1. Love it! Such an accurate picture of dinnertime with a toddler! 🙂 I think you should design a fancy menu with your last 2 lines on it. Entree: Frozen Mini Waffles d'Abooushi with fresh scooped frozen yogurt and Broccoli florets. No attire required. 🙂

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