a little miracle

This morning, miracle of miracles, Sufyan woke at his usual 5am but Faris was able to get him back to sleep.
I couldn’t sleep and though I tossed and turned for an hour I had no luck.

SO I got up and had a beautiful, quiet morning with all my favorite ingredients for alone time.

I made myself a cup of my favorite tea.
I lit a candle.
Unrolled my yoga mat.
Chanted the mantra that keeps coming to me around this birth (the Ganapati Mantra–same one I used for Sufyan)
Practiced asana.
Did Pranayama.
Then heard my name being called in a small, sweet 20 month old voice and went in to find my snuggly little boy curled up next to his Baba.
After all those wonderful little miracles, I even got to shower this morning!


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