video time (and pics)

A short but sweet video of recent moments in Baby Boy Land:

7 months pregnant! Go Laila Go!
I have had a dream recently where I give birth to her easily, and fall deeply in love with her immediately. It was so comforting, and it helped me find some peace about the coming big changes that will accompany her into our lives. Excitement about her I have had, and now I also have an overwhelming sense of peace that all is well. And that she is really already part of our family, we just can’t wait to meet her and hold her.

We went to the 77th annual Mediterranean Festival. Crowds were starting to show up in the above photo. There was food galore (an entire booth devoted to maamoul! YUM!), Greek dancing and Dabke, and a small children’s “oasis” with a tractor that was pulling little ones for a train-like ride (S was too small for this but he loved to watch the tractor!)

We had a rental car for a week while ours was in the shop and we let S play at driving in it. He LOOOVES to get in the front seat!

And “drive”!

Doing yoga with mama…well actually he comandeered my mat and did some upside down baby. But he also took some deep breaths with me and said “AUM” in his sweet little voice!
and that’s it for now!


2 thoughts on “video time (and pics)

  1. I'm so glad you already feel so connected to Laila! We can't wait to meet her too! And I love the video. Spinning Babies is so cute and Sufyan behind the curtain before naptime is so sweetly "him". 🙂

  2. Baby yoga – such cuteness.I had a dream recently about holding our baby in my arms (actually, in my dream, there were two babies) and it was just so lovely. When I woke up, I wanted that so much. It is a hard wait! But those little glimpses are so sweet.

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