big adventure!

Yesterday we took the little man to Kiddie Acres, a toddler-centric amusement park! Rides that were small, colorful, and relatively inexpensive.

Because S is small yet, his parents had to *squeeeeze* into most of them with him…which was super fun!
Here we are “driving”!

Hi, Baba!

And if Mama looks too big, Baba looks preposterous! It was so funny! S loooooved every second…

On the carousel. S would not ride a horse, they were a bit intimidating, but here he is sitting and looking intently at the gears that turn the wheels on the ride. Fascinating for my little scientist.

And on to the main event for all of us, the Ferris Wheel! S was amazed by it.

Up up up!

I tried not to look at the rigging that held it all together. Every ride was like this…kinda’ interestingly, lovingly held together by worn ropes, twisted wires, old tires (?). Actually it added to the charm of the place which is obviously family owned.

Here is a look at the whole wheel…

And now it’s Baba’s turn to take the intrepid explorer up up UP!

UP! In the green basket is my son…


On the train that wound around the park…Mama looking a little tired from being 7 months pregnant (but it was worth every ounce of energy for how much S loved being there)

Then, as if the cars were not funny enough, I got in the boat and weighed down the back so much it splashed as I got out. It was such a funny sight that 3 other pregnant ladies were leaning over the fence telling me I was inspiring them to do it, too! We were all laughing..but S didn’t mind at all….

…he was driving a boat!

driving TWO steering wheels all by himself!



2 thoughts on “big adventure!

  1. YOW! DRIVING! THAT'S GREAT!It looks like such fun. I remember riding such things as a kid — especially the little boats in water. (They had bells you could ring by pulling a rope. We called them "Bell Boats" and they were the most exciting for me.)Thanks for posting these pix!Tom/Grandpa/Bapa

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