he enjoys the unusual

Late last night we broke bedtime routine rules and walked in the cold and wind to the trail of lights in the park. The wind chill made it feel like low 30s. Here Sufyan’s eyes are watering from the cold and wind even though we bundled him so much he didn’t fit in his car seat (but doesn’t he look happy? He loves a new outing)

In the center of the lights display is a huge tower of lights in the shape of a Christmas tree. It’s so big that the main attraction is for the crowds to stand under it and spin while looking up at the apex:

And so I thought I would just try it with Sufyan and stop if he got scared…but what happened was that he first looked amazed, then he leaned as far back in my arms as he could with his little round face turned way up and started smiling…then laughing…then calling out the colors he was seeing! It was so much FUN! Here he is doing the same in Baba’s arms:

And then I just wanted to post this incredibly sweet photo that Jenna took of our boys. We had been out gathering rocks (or whatever) in little buckets in our neighbors’ yards. Seriously cute.


3 thoughts on “he enjoys the unusual

  1. I can not believe how beautiful that boy it! Those photos–even the new one at top of blog are AMAZING! So glad you went to the Trail of Lights. I think it is thrilling for little ones–big ones too.Love you, me

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