the story of christmas morning

Faris and I are parents now~ we have joined that exclusive club for those who stay up late putting together toys that require 2 kinds of screwdrivers and 4 pages of instruction, hanging stockings, and ferrying long hidden gifts to the tree. We have now set up Christmas morning for our child.
It is 5:30a.m.

Money shot: my little truck drivin’ man: (isn’t this cute and hilarious at the same time? Is he posing?) He loves the truck.
And he loves this tea set from his Aunt and Uncle, too. We were treated to tea all day and every day since. Including in the bath.

Faris and I are using his time off by bringing in baby accoutrements for Laila. Sufyan clearly remembers his little Boppy chair! Oh, and he dresses himself these days…I love it.

The best part of this holiday has been family time. We have gone to a park together every day, had leisurely meals (I mean as relaxed as we can be while entertaining the wild man with puppets, wind up toys, and reading books as we have a meal–this is how he currently eats: very well entertained.)
Here are my two handsome men at the park:

on the zip line:

On the BIG slide! He likes to close his eyes as he goes down this one.

And some rest for those of us who are either growing a baby or are ourselves a growing baby:

But not too much rest!


3 thoughts on “the story of christmas morning

  1. Great pics! Love the outfit he put together. He and his cousin Elise have the same flare for clashing patterns 🙂 So glad that he's enjoying the tea set. It looks even cooler than I imagined.

  2. Is it strange that I dress Clair in much the same way that S dresses himself? It gives me a very clear realization of the maturity of my fashion sense. Stripes are awesome and so are dragon boots!

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