and more unfolding

Sufyan’s hair after a nap. I love his big, loose curls. Lucky kid! I would have killed for those curls in days gone by…days when I had time to do something with my hair.

smile. ah, full belly.

Baba giving her some sun

Relaxing in her natural habitat

Taking comfort in this position as her belly has been pretty sensitive.

This morning she slept in. 2 weeks old!

Little man playing with Lucas the other day. A return to normalcy that he needed. I needed it as much as he did, probably.

SO where we are at now is that we are trying to get stable. There is no way I could do this without help. Thank GOD my mother is staying with us. If I had to mend fences with Sufyan, love on both my children, nurse both my children, deal with the nipple creams and diaper creams and washing diapers and lunches and snacks and parks and outdoors time etc etc etc…PLUS feed myself or clean I would be a wreck. Thank you mom. I will repay you by doing the same for my kids someday if they will have me.


One thought on “and more unfolding

  1. I'm happy to see your update. Those two first weeks do feel like a slow crawl towards stable. But stability does come! I had forgotten what those first 2 weeks were like until I went through it again this time – whew! Intense!Yay for moms. Yay for help. I don't know how people do it without help. I really just don't even know.Man, your kids have received some fantastic hair genes.xoxo.

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