this would be funny except…

thanks for all the well wishes and supportive disbelief of the events of the last 2 weeks (which, lets not forget, were Laila’s first two weeks). car crash, illness, ER trips, colic…
It’s like the only thing that could happen now is if we were attacked by a swarm of angry bees while out on a walk or something equally ridiculous. hahahaha..ha…ha…..ha
we really were attacked by a swarm of angry bees.
yesterday my mom, my 2 babies, me, and 2 friends were out on a very pleasant and much needed walk. my friend stopped to change her son’s diaper. the obvious place to do that on such a nice day is the ground. we all stood around chatting and waiting for them. Faris had just shown up after his work day. my friend said playfully to her son, “do you feel that air?” because it seemed they must be laying on some kind of vent as suddenly the air was full of what at first appeared to be fuzz or dust being blown up into the air around them. then, suddenly, everyone was screaming and running and shedding clothing and covered with bees–screaming and crying and running and arms flailing at hair/clothes/the air!!!
it was incredible.
bees mean business when they are pissed and my friend and her son both were bitten. miraculously all of my family were spared.
I woke up last night in a panic about bees attacking. and even now I keep thinking I feel something in my hair or in my pant leg…
but we were not bitten. and we were not injured in our car crash. and we did not catch Sufyan’s cold.
my litany of gratitude keeps getting longer.
oh, Laila, will we have stories to tell you about your newborn days…I’m sure someday this will all seem funny.


4 thoughts on “this would be funny except…

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