quick update

In a nutshell, Sufyan turned 2! I cannot believe it. We had the sweetest little party for him, and he had a great time. Just family, as Faris’ family was visiting from Palestine and New York. It seemed the perfect time to celebrate with us all together.
He is talking up a storm. Words and attempts at words are constant.
He tells me he’s my lovebug, and it just melts my heart. Mostly he calls himself “lovebug” when he wants me to know he needs me in some way. Which is even more heart melting, given that that means he understands it’s a term of endearment and that it’s a special communication between he and I.
In Laila news, she is smiling now when I smile down at her sweet little round face. Her eyes are bright navy blue, and her hair stands straight up when I wash it.
as for the reflux, I wish I could say things are a lot better.
Things are somewhat better some of the time. And sometimes they are worse.
My baby is in pain a lot of the time, and she screams a lot of the time. There were a few good days recently, but we have not seen them again for about a week. That said, we have not revisited the 14 hour crying jags. More like 3-4 hours and 1 hour increments through the day.
She has seen a GI specialist who changed her medication and told me that other than that, time would heal. Of course. I don’t disagree. But Laila is really suffering.
Too tired tonight to write any more than this.
We are still standing here, and sometimes I am still standing with 2 screaming children on my body. Or 2 nursing children.
I need some sleep.


One thought on “quick update

  1. "Lovebug"…so sweet! And Tom sent me a pic of her smiling. She looked so content and knowing. Especially precious with that hair sticking straight up!When we were going through E's colic, I remember bouncing her at night while she continued to scream, and just chanting "This will be worth it, this will be worth it" So hard to remember when the comforting isn't working, and I can't imagine doing it with a toddler to handle as well, but it sounds like you have good perspective and WAY more patience than I did. I hope relief comes soon! Wish I could have been of more use while I was there but if there is anything we can do from afar, please let us know.P.S. You guys have sold me on getting a vent hood or at least a good white noise app for the iPhone 🙂

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