too tired to write anything. recent pics!

Where’s Suuufyaaaaan?


Brother and sister…

…she smiles, he doesn’t….

…he smiles, she doesn’t…

do we look related?

looking at each other. I love this picture.

smiley day!

with Baba at the park.

This is Sufyan making a motor sound!

Soothing at the magic kitchen fan.

Super SMILEY! A day to lay in the sun and soft breeze. I soaked this moment up, and got lucky catching it on camera.

Sufyan has figured out how to take photos with my iphone, and this is his view of what’s important in the world. A man’s gotta have tools. And cheese.

And this awesome thing is a tent that our friend Jenna made for Sufyan for his b-day! It’s great for alone time, hide and seek, and having a little snack in. This is probably him eating cheese. Did I mention he likes cheese?
And here is little girl taking a nap in her glider chair, wrapped in a blanket from Teta. Teta said she used this type of blanket all the time with her kids, and I can see why. It’s the perfect shape for making a little taco to sleep in.


2 thoughts on “too tired to write anything. recent pics!

  1. I SO enjoyed the photos. Th one of Sufyan looking at Laila is heart melting. BROTHER AND SISTER!!!! You have given them the very best gift ever! I love you and your beautiful family!

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