home is…

There’s no excuse for not updating this blog for 6 weeks. Except…

We moved from our beloved 1940s era home. It had long planked old hardwood floors, a big-ish kitchen, a basement, a big screened in porch with a fan and 6 years of memories. Both my children born there. I think financially we made a great decision to sell, but I am still mourning that house. Sufyan’s first steps, Laila’s first laugh, the meals cooked and eaten in the small dining room, the sweetness of familiarity, the patterns of life that I practically wore out and depended on.
Strangers are walking in my bedroom now.
It bugs me. And I miss that house, and my neighborhood. And Jenna and Lucas right across the street lending or borrowing flour or a teether and bringing the boys out to play in each others yards. We didn’t even need to pack a diaper, she had one for us. Same with snacks, clothes, whatever.
And moving with 2 babies has caused “moving” to be recatagorized from “adventure” to “extreme sport”. Moving with 2 babies is H to the A R D. I’m watching too much Glee.

And now we sit in a house that I describe in one of 2 ways depending on my mood:
1. It’s fun! It has 2 bathrooms and a lot more room for us all to move about. Plus the storage rocks, and the neighborhood has sidewalks and awesome old trees. I love the colorful interior paint: blue, yellow, purple. And the pergo flooring is not bad. Sufyan likes the buttons on the door (keyless entry) and the neighbors I’ve met are very sweet.
2. It’s dark. There are almost no windows, and precious little light gets in through the dark screens of the 18″ narrow windows in the front of the house of which there are four. It was built in the 70s and feels like it came out of a box. Its infested with spiders. The 2 cobalt blue walls in the main room are oppressive. They yell “BLUE!”. The 2 goldenrod yellow walls in the same room make me feel like I’m in a therapist’s waiting room.

S calls this house the “alarm home” due to the keyless entry pad on the door. When it is played with it beeps. I think the name is apt.

L is sitting up now! And she still has reflux that is not getting better.
What is getting better is my attitude. I love her so much. She is totally irresistible. Strangers are always
And S is speaking so well now. He has dealt with all these recent changes like a champ. I am not saying we don’t have tantrums and meltdowns and all that goes along with being his age, but we don’t have more than that. We don’t have meltdowns that equal his being 2 years old + having a new baby sister + a move + mom is stressed out etc. He’s amazing really.
He misses the “old home”, as he calls it, too. He asked me to go to “old home back yaaaard”, a place we had lots of great play time.
I wish we could have stayed there. I really do.
Here are some recent pics.
We went to Florida, to the beach. I hope to blog that trip soon because travel with 2 kids so young and one with reflux was intense.
I initially didn’t want to go due to how awful L’s reflux is and how much change had already happened to us all. I just wanted to sit tight. But it was wonderful to get away. It did my soul good.
check out his favorite toy: the garage door opener. The new house has perks, he says.

her first swing!

playing with lights, 4.5 months old

playing with lights in the new house.

3.5 months old. my baby girl.

happy to be climbing!

first time swinging sitting up like mama does it!

note the awesome new shoes. my obsession with great toddler shoes continues (these are Etnies)

the room L was born in.

the room S was born in.

our first home, empty of us on garage sale day. probably the last time I will ever be in it.


sweet boys. Lucas came to visit us waaaaaaay down south at the new house.

S discovering a new park!


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