nanny update

well. I re-read my last post. And then I grew up a bit and got on the phone and let our nanny go. I gave her 2 weeks notice. Interestingly, when we saw her yesterday Sufyan’s reaction to her being at our house was not good. In the car as we got home I said, “oh yay! _________is here!” and he said, “nonononono! no __________!”
He then had a MAJOR meltdown which in part was due to her presence. And in part due to my having to turn my attention away from him because, ahem, I had accidentally locked her out. There she was, standing outside in 90+ degree heat having just emerged from our backyard. So not only was Sufyan screaming her name and saying NOOOOOOOOO! and losing control, but I had to apologize for leaving her outside our house for an hour while we were running errands. That made things a bit awkward yesterday.
But that in part is why I let her go. She has a cell phone. And our front door has a code she could have gotten from me over the phone and let herself in. I never gave her the code because she is totally baffled by anything electronic, especially having to do with numbers. So instead of calling she stood outside and waited. Anyway, it’s over.

And today Sufyan said as we were coming home that he was happy there was “nooooo (nanny’s name)” in our house. It’s sad because I know she loves Sufyan, and there was a time when she felt like a trusted member of the family. She was amazing for us in the early days; truly a godsend. (did I use the semi-colon correctly? gotta look that up). She taught Sufyan about painting, and gluing, and being proud of his artwork. I think her ability to care for children and make them feel loved and accepted and special is amazing, but the age range for her talent is smaller than she might think. She is wonderful for ages 8 months through maybe 18 months. Anyway. I hope she finds a family with a perfect situation for her. She’s special, and I am grateful for the time she was with us.

In other news, Laila is working hard on crawling. She’s almost got it. And it thrills her. But her real love is standing. O. GOD. NO. not again! Our sweet Sufyan never crawled. We just had to walk doubled over at the waist holding him up to walk for 4.5 months until he finally could do it on his own at 9.5 months. And I never crawled either. I just stood up and walked at the end of my 7th month. Laila, I love you so much. And I know you won’t be happy until you are mobile. So please, for the love of all that is keeping my back healthy, crawl baby!
Here is a short video of her trying to crawl (really cool body use), and some pics:


3 thoughts on “nanny update

  1. Checking blogs for the first time in awhile (but not posting…boo) – those pictures are ridiculously cute. You're so good to capture these moments as they whiz by – you caught some really good ones.

  2. I don't know how you get such great pictures all the time. My camera always seems to be 'in the other room' when something amazingly cute is happening. Or he notices that I'm taking the picture, and then he goes for the camera.

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