packing and other things

Tandem reading:

packing is harder this time. I think it’s because we are packing for 2 moves (one to the temporary guest house and one to Ramallah).
As I pack things that will go into long term storage I can’t help but think about how different these things will look to me the next time I see them. I know as I pack them that in a few years I’ll be remembering this time when our family was on the brink of big adventure but I will know how it all turned out by then. We will all be different next time I see these boxes of our stuff.
In a certain way I feel like I am closing a chapter on their infancies. Certainly Sufyan’s, and if I’m honest Laila’s too. God it’s happening so fast. As I sort through beloved toys and put the less loved toys into Goodwill bags I know in a way I am putting pieces of their history away forever and will only be able to see it through nostalgic eyes when next I see it. In other words, time keeps passing.
And not to beat a dead horse, but fuck reflux. It’s unfair that any baby has to suffer, and reflux is suffering. I’m pissed that reflux ate my enjoyment of Laila’s early infancy. I mean, I enjoyed the moments that were enjoyable. But so many were not–for her or for us who love her and care for her. Poor little Laila just screaming and screaming and us all frantically trying to survive. But that’s past. She’s been more than worth every single moment of how hard that was. Last night I asked myself if I had to do it all over would I in order to get this little Laila in my arms? And of course I would. I would do it a hundred times for her. But I wouldn’t wish it on any baby or mom.


Laila is walking now. Just across the room, but she’s working so hard at it! She took her first steps at 9.5 months to the day–exactly as Sufyan did.
It’s so cute to see her pudgy little cupid legs carry her small body around the room. She is so proud she just beams as she walks to me! And falls into my arms smiling and often so excited she bites my shoulder…but only long enough to get up and turn around to do it again.
Laila is saying Nana, Gumpa, Mama, Baba, Cat, Banana, Bye Bye, and meow.
Her favorite book is “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” right now. But her first book love was Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Elmer’s Friends. Sufyan loved it too.
I sing All the Pretty Little Horses to her for night nights. She doesn’t really have patience for it, but rather it inspires a mad dash for nursing. A song she DOES love is “All the fish are swimming in the water…” with hand gestures. She loves it.
Some cute Laila-cam moments:
no fear of slides:

So as I drag my feet about packing away our baby things my kids are blooming and ready for the next phase.


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