First I just had to include this sweet picture.
This is my adorable 6 year old niece, Elise. She is all dressed up to go to a show at christmas. I just love her sense of glamour. She’s beautiful.

me: Sufyan, when we move to Ramallah there will be lots of kids your age. Maybe you can make a new friend and play together!
S: (silence)
me: Are you ready to try to meet some kids your same size? They’ll be big like you! And you can play.
S: No. I’m not ready.
me: I see. I notice when we go to the playground lots of kids like to say hi to you. People really like you.
S: But I don’t.
me: Well do you like bigger kids?
S: I DO! (smiling)
me: well that’s great! we can meet some bigger kids, too, and then maybe some kids like you.
S: no, I’m not ready.
me: ok! You let us know when you’re ready because I know you make friends so easily.
S: mmm-HMMMM! (smiling)

he knows himself. I can’t argue with that. and its a good reminder to continue to honor who he is, and let him know he is accepted and loved for where he is in his life right now. and honestly everything i’ve read and our family therapist also says kids don’t “need” playmates until 3 or later. And even then its kind of parallel play until really 5 years old. Sufyan is such an amazing little guy, he’s always impressing me with the depth of his thoughts about life and people. Then again, he’s always making me laugh at the things he picks up on and his nearly 3 year old brain works out. For example

me: what are you doing, Sufyan?
S: I’m at work. (machine noises and lots of pretend buttons and knobs)
me: what are you making?
S: (enthusiastic) MONEY!

or this ( at the mall)

me: do you want to go to a toy store baby?
S: no. I just want to go to a place with lots of buttons to push! that would make me happy!

so we set off in search of the Sears appliance aisle.

Our miniature christmas tree and lights.

This is a self-portrait! S was playing with my phone and apparently very happy. I LOVE it.

The other day, S and I made a tofu pot pie for a friend who had just had a baby. Here is the finished product…

…and the proud baker!

BOUNCE. Yes, I know I already posted from this series of photos but can we really have too much toddler bouncing pics? Mama thinks not.

Laila has her first lovey. We got her a Blah Blah doll named, “Sandwich” who is a kitty. She hugs and kisses him and says, “meeeew meeeeew meeeeew”

kisses for Sandwich.

even napping with Sandwich.

here is Laila, sweet cute little Laila, babbling in the back seat of the car the other day (no, I was not driving):

and here she is playing her new favorite game of knock knock!


3 thoughts on “conversations

  1. just wanted to share with you how much i love reading your posts, how mature S is these days, and that L's laugh brightens my day. if i'm having a tough day at work, i watch the video clips of her laughing and my spirit lightens! it's so pure and joyful 🙂

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