Sweet baby girl. Hilarious, little joker, impish, smart as a whip little girl. YOU’RE 1 YEAR OLD TODAY!
I love you with all my heart, and when I hear your laugh, your voice, I really believe the world is a better place with you in it. Our lives are so much richer for your presence. I’m so blessed to be your mother.

We spent the day in 2 ways: a really rough morning at the pediatrician (you have rather extreme doctor anxiety but if someone held me down and poked me with a needle I wouldn’t be too happy to see them again either)
and a beautiful afternoon and evening at 2 different parks, ending with dancing to live music (the Tell Tale Hearts—they were great) and running around and eating your first cupcake and chasing your brother who was also eating your first cupcake!
We played until well after dark, skipped bath time, and you and Sufyan are sleeping soundly in the next room.
I wanted to make you a one year video, but our computers and phones are not communicating well. So you will get a first year video but probably not until next week.
About that first year, Laila. I am so happy we are through it. Your reflux seems to have finally ended. Which means your pain is ending. Your ability to be and stay happy is very much improved. You can now enjoy life! And you do, you really do.
At the same time I cried at your birthday dinner tonight thinking how fast this is all going. You’re 1. Really? And that’s that. I blink and you race past me into the future…and that’s how it should be. You are one amazing Doot. (we still call you Dootsy Doot. Or the Doot. Or the Mega Doot. Or even Dooter sometimes. I know.)
Here are some things that Laila can do at 1:

feed herself with a fork.
run, climb, walk in circles, dance, clap, do simple tasks like “go give _____ to Baba.” or “Laila can you please bring me your book?”
Say around 25 words:
mama, baba, brother, Laila, cat, dog, up, down, more, maii (water in arabic), dow (light in arabic), meow, woof, make an elephant and a lion sound, baby, car, mmmm-hmmmm (her “yes”), NO, snack snack, buzz like a bee, etc…oh, and TOOTIE.

give kisses and hugs and pats on the back
laugh like a little hyena, babble like a little bird, eat like a sailor, and feel extremes of emotion quite rapidly (your highs are very high, and lows are pretty low)

and so many other things.
sleep well my little 1 year old daughter. happy dancing, playing, running, talking, cupcake eating birthday. Night night little pookie.
I love you and love you.



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