just a few things

Sufyan makes up stories and imaginary friends now. Some names we hear a lot are:
Dada Haddis.
Baba Haddie.
Cold Eyes. Yes, Cold Eyes. But the other day on a stroller ride, Sufyan was leaning his ear against his stroller and pretending to talk on the phone to Nooma who was a “lidda bit sick but not too much.” Sufyan does also still have his own baby Laila who is always sleeping.

Laila can also now say: Eileen, Hi Laila, Bye Bye, Lily, Isabelle, and vagina. Which sounds like “Da Booda”. So there we have our family slang for genitalia already. And really, I’ve heard worse than “Da Booda”.

And speaking of genitalia, both kids like to announce their flatulence by saying, “Tootie!”. But the other day Sufyan said, “Penis! I mean Tootie!”

I was doing asana in front of Sufyan yesterday and I started with the mantra I always start with. I closed my eyes and chanted, and when I opened them there was S sitting very close with his big brown eyes looking right into mine and he leaned in and very tenderly hugged me. He didn’t say a word.
Later in the practice he became my yoga teacher: “now put mamas leg up! now open mama’s fingers! now put mama’s arms up!” but the kicker is that when he was done with me, he said, “Well done, Mama!”


3 thoughts on “just a few things

  1. Love that Laila can say Lily! Elise too has a baby Lily that she carries around at all times. She often is nursing while Elise watches a tv show or reads a book πŸ™‚ Over here we have fallen into the unfortunate habit off calling genitalia "your junk". Not really sure how that happened.

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