product finds, people finds. freedom to be organic-free

Lord. he works wonders on toilets. we found him under our sink.

people here love children. Even men in their teens and 20s will stop to briefly engage my babies or just pat them on the head and smile. the friendliness crosses the language barrier easily.

Now, you know in America that just doesn’t happen. Americans often find the noise of children irritating and friendliness to children could be construed as something more sinister. Here, though, shopkeepers have given S and L ice cream cones just for walking into their store (and yes, that’s another oddity of this life. the boundaries I have are not the same as the boundaries anyone else has about giving sugar to kids). The garbage men blow them kisses.
And I have been made to feel quite comfortable about public nursing, and when needed I have even been allowed to take L into a quiet back room of a very small rug store to nurse (so grateful for that reprieve from the bustle of the dusty downtown street).

this bit of lingerie was in the shampoo aisle, a cello-teddy:

The effect that having no access to organic products has been interesting. On the one hand when we found a single organic product in just one store we bought every last box as if we had found a thread from our old lives in Austin (it was a box of organic rice milk flavored like almond–of all things). But on the other hand I feel an unexpected sense of relief! No pressure to buy the more expensive thing. No mental argument over spending more money for less product vs the positive effect on health. No sense of having other more organic moms looking over my shoulder and measuring up. Of course I do still avoid preservatives and hydrogenated oils and HFCS…and sugar…but we eat what we have.

high colonics in your grocery aisle. Now that’s healthy!

for your time as a pumpkin, count on Cinderella.

THE LIGHT OF MANY FUNCTION BALLS. In the lightbulb section, with all the normal lightbulbs. just so no one is bored. though probably this is a chinese translation so really it doesn’t belong on this blog…but I thought it was funny just sitting there on the shelf innocently.


5 thoughts on “product finds, people finds. freedom to be organic-free

  1. I'm not sure which is better: Lord the Toilet Cleaner or Cinderella the Menstrual Pad. I love it! It's so nice to hear how the kids are so openly accepted in public. I wish that were more the case here in the US.

  2. Hi Im Suyan,My name is Reem, i am a friend of Faris, my best friend in high school was Amal, Faris' cousin. Faris sent an email to his friends, which is how i got to read your blog, and my God you are an excellent writer…i read quite far into the past, like when you had your children, and the emotions you were going through, and it made me cry…it mirrored what i was going through.i wish one day we could meet, my family and i live in the UAE, and you are most welcome to visit any time!! My eldest Faris is 4 years old, my youngest, Jad is almost 2…I hope you enjoy your time in Ramallah, it is hard (i lived in Cyprus before i moved to Palestine, and i was in shock at first), but is grows on you, and then it turns is to this crazy love for the people, the cause, the nature, the history etc…i have not been back since 1999 unfortunately, but dream of taking my husband and kids there…which right now is impossible, as my husband is from Sudan… and so are my children, and they are strictly forbidden by both Sudan and Israel to enter….but the hope is alive…good luck, and keep your posts coming, because they are really a breath of fresh air…Reem:o)

  3. hi Reem! So nice to get a comment from you. I would love to someday visit and even more would love to have your family have the freedom to visit your homeland. I had NO IDEA Sudanese people were forbidden by Israel. I'm sorry to hear it. Thanks for the very nice thoughts about my blog. You are too kind! Much love to you and yours

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