this morning we woke to weather with a capitol W. The sky over the hills was dark blue, and the storm that everyone here has been talking about was obviously on its way. it felt like evening at 6am. I got a very brief (9 seconds) video of lightening over the hills of Judea:

I have been trying to figure out what i have to say about life in Ramallah. I love Ramallah life but its not as easy as America. It’s not as organized.
For the past week raw sewage has been trickling down our street in a stinky glisten. Men walk past me who are wearing so much cologne I can taste it as they pass me.
The almond trees are blooming thick with beautiful small white flowers, and on every street in every yard lemon and orange trees are full of heavy yellow and orange orbs. This is the season for making one’s own lemon juice and lemonade of a certain sort.
Streets are jam packed with cars all passing each other at the least opportunity and honking. There are rules about driving, I am told. The only rule I have yet observed is to go about your business and sometimes let someone turn in front of you. Cars drive on the same side as in America, so that’s something I understand. Gas stations are all full service, just tell the man how much gas you need (instantly I am afraid because as an American I have no idea how much I need. I just put the nozzle in my tank and ignore it until the trigger clicks and I can drive away. How much? I guess I’ll just say “Full”).
Food is amazing. Salty cheeses, seasonal veggies (right now its a yellow, rich tasting cauliflower among other things), seasonal fruit, dried fruits, AMAZING falafel (we get ours from Falafel Abu Khalil) hot from the oil and salty as hell, divine hummus, thick yogurt, sweet cucumbers, bread of all kinds that look nothing like a loaf but instead are all round and thick or round and very thin, fresh lemonade, coffee with sugar and cardamon.

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  1. a big difference I noticed living outside of the US is the idea of having seasonal food! It took me a while to get used to the idea that fresh spinach isn't available year round, and strawberries can be found off season, but they taste horrible unless it is spring time. The great thing about it is that the in season food often tastes wonderful!

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