an olive tree. clouds. last night’s amazing sunset at the top of our street.

this is the most amazing view. let me explain why. This is at the top of our street, Al-Tireh, looking away out all the way to Tel Aviv. And the little extra shiny line center and slightly left is the shining Mediterranean Sea!

and then suddenly the sun began to drop into view on its decent into the horizon for the evening. Because the sun looks so fiery, and the landscape so dark and hilly, and the view is of Israel, (and because I’m a geek) it was impossible for me not to think “Mordor.”

This is the other direction at the same time.

S and I playing on the craggy hillside…me huddled against the cold and him young and impervious.

Family time on the country road….sweet little active man Sufyan. Tiny Laila.


6 thoughts on “incredible

  1. wow, gorgeous. I love the music along with the scene–perfect. What is the music–I think I recognize it but am not quite there–still to sick to have brain power.

  2. oh, sunset soon forgotten… how beautifully appropriate. how many have i forgotten already? small moments like these are so precious. thank you for sharing

  3. yes, exactly. how quickly i forget! how beautiful this moment, my amazing kids being my heart running around and making me happier than i've ever been…and then it seems like it takes nothing at all to put me back in the mindset of daily grind. hmpf. if only we can elevate ourselves to hold onto that beauty all the time!

  4. Ok, I just now was able to watch the video. What an impossibly beautiful, rich land you live in. The place where Faris was born and raised and the cradle of mankind. The music makes this clip so perfect.

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