just some pictures of us. working on a post with lots to say

I keep hearing that my friends have a 3 year old and a baby and they play together. HA I say. Not here. But then again, they played peek-a-boo yesterday morning…

This is a bag of pre-ground arabic coffee. It has cardamon ground into it and you know its good because….

Sufyan says it’s “STINKSY”

We gave little Laila a cupboard to play in in the kitchen. Its just the right size for her.

which means it’s tiny!

My baby girl and I on a sunny afternoon last week.

It’s been the season for eating green almonds here. I personally don’t care for them but I did try them. They taste like a fresh string bean from a garden except they are more sour and fuzzy. People dip them in salt and eat them fresh and raw.

I’m pretty excited because every day Sufyan is working on taking pictures with my iphone. He’s gone from accidental photos of his fingers to actually aiming and working with the flash. Here are some recent pics:

(self portrait)

(pic of Laila nursing and Mama blogging!)


3 thoughts on “just some pictures of us. working on a post with lots to say

  1. The kids look so big! So sweet to see them playing together. I hope that happens more and more.Love the idea of a cabinet for Laila. I vividly remember playing in our cabinets as a little kid. And the pics from Sufyan's perspective are great! I love giving E a camera and seeing what comes out of it. It is always enlightening.Also, did you know that almonds are in the peach family? Seeing the pic of the green almonds reminded me of that. I may have to see if anyone is selling green ones around here, just to give it a try.

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