lighten up, Mama

Farashe yoga center in Ramallah, where I will begin teaching in 2 weeks.

just a typical window, stairwell, Palestinian flag waving outside the window…this is the stairwell up to Farashe. Not sure why, but I found the view interesting and telling (the wires, the boxes on the wall, the old glass in the window, the stone walls that remain cold all the time).

Laila in a basket…Laila’s big smile in a basket!

The two of them do this all the time. A basket for each.

on the way to a very busy street called Radio Street.
the shepherd is visible here.

when I see the goats grazing here and there between buildings and beside busy roads, I wonder how the heck does a whole herd of goats actually get around town? Taxi?
Well, they walk of course.
“wait for me, Mama!” look at that cute little baby goat.

goats stopping traffic

Sufyan and Laila are picking up Arabic steadily. Laila has this conversation constantly:
“Marhaba! (hello) Keef Halek? (how are you) Alhamdulaylah (thanks to god I am fine)
or Mabsuta! (happy)”
She woke me up this morning with, “Marhaba! Marhaba! Marhaba! MARHABA MAMA!”
The other day I was trying over and over to get Laila to take a bite of food and finally she yelled at me “KHALAS!!!” (finished! Stop!)
Sufyan can count to 20 in Arabic now, and along with all the words Laila can say he he loves to say, “Leish? (why?)” and “ba3arafish (I don’t know)”.
But he also likes to have pretend Arabic conversations! I got one on video, which is just hilarious. He starts out with real Arabic and then switches to nonsense that sounds to him like Arabic:

Cousin Zane (18 months) holding hands with Laila (who loves him and his big brother Mejd)

We attended at festival at the Friends Boys School here in Ramallah yesterday. This is Faris’s old school and it was so fun to see where Faris grew up. There was an exhibit of school kids’ artwork, street fair food (S and L shared a popsicle covered in Chocolate…a big treat that went like this:

Me: Sufyan, share it with Sister. Give her a bite please.” S: Ok (gives a bite). Now I’m going to finish it. Me: Share it with Sister. S: Waaaaaaah. Ok. (gives a bite). Now I’m going to finish it. etc etc etc…

This garden is in the entry to the FBS.

Typical side street in downtown Ramallah. Just showing daily life.

Thanks to all who have commented via facebook, this blog, and sent me emails of encouragement and special thanks to those who shared their expat stories. It helps a lot, and I feel grateful you all are with me.


3 thoughts on “lighten up, Mama

  1. I clearly saw some Ravyn eyes and mouth in this video, so cute, but of course I can't tell what's Arabic and what is gibberish!Enjoying your posts — the FOOD! –and marveling at your courage.

  2. ha! I didn't think of that. If you don't speak any arabic, it's hard to know when he switches to nonsense.Very fun to think that you recognize some of his looks, expressions, gestures. I love that. Nice to hear from you Aunt M!Jenna, I thought of you when I posted his sweet little voice. Let's talk again soon? Kisses to Lucas and Sophie.

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