from the mouths of other women

“if there was a train in front of my house I would have left 12 times a day.”

“this is a great place for kids because its very social.”

“you have to sacrifice to be here. people sacrifice to live here.”

“khalas. the only thing for you to do is put him in daycare.”

“this was a paradise when we moved here.” (1987)

“yes, the way people here furnish their houses is very…alien.”

“kids play in the streets because they have no where to go.”

“you just have to adjust your ideals, sort of adjust your expectations (to be happy here)”.

“you can have any kind of life you want here. you can find anything here.”

Ramallah from my roof and other pictures

how much has Ramallah grown? This picture was taken around 15 years ago. Look at the hills in the picture…they are the same as the hills you see there behind the picture.

the entrance to a kindergarten or a pre-school…called “Fun Time”. While I was sitting in my car taking this picture, a van pulled up and out into the street tumbled 6 kids ages 4 and under who briefly looked around and then joined hands and disappeared into various doorways including “Fun Time.” No adult was with them, they just went while the driver waited until they were out of sight.

Permanent makeup is a thing around here. I assume this is actually a “tattoo” place and not a “Tato” place.

Doctors working in Ramallah are trained in other countries and their business cards and signs tell patrons where they trained. Where the doctor trained is always part of describing the doctor being recommending to me. What I find difficult about this is that I do not consider myself an expert at discerning which countries offer good programs for dentistry and which for pediatrics and so on. So I am a bit mystified by this system.


Hi, Tammy! Lets have coffee here when you visit.

A fresh juice place in al-Manara. The kids had bananas and milk, we had citrus, mint and ginger juices.

one of the areas of the very busy al-Manara that is being revamped. It is a dusty city and I think in part it must be rock dust from all the construction work going on. It seems like everywhere I look there is construction.

al-Manara town center on a Friday early…no one around.

A wedding car that I thought was very nicely done.

Ramallah from my roof last night.

and this morning.


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