little moments.

On a recent walk to the wadi, we came across a large herd of goats and their shepherd. We stood still and silent for a moment or two and listened. The noise the entire entourage made was really interesting. The goats had a low, rumbling nasal grunt. The sound of them eating was a crispsnap of the dry grass and a munch munch munch sound. The shepherd made a sound like,“ooooosh. wooooooosh. shhhh. shhhh” as he shooed them toward the wadi and away from us.

Laila in her new favorite tent and her favorite outfit…;-)

ferral cat. There are so many of them here. Construction debris from nearby restaurant about to open. Soft sunlight in the grass. Just more dichotomy.

And this pic is of the triumph. On a hot summer afternoon I took the kids to al-Manara by myself. By. My. Self. We went to Izhiman for a chocolate (which served as our goal and our incentive) then we sat on a doorstep and enjoyed the spoils of our outing as throngs of people wooshed past us. We even went to another shop after and tried a little rice cake snack which we bought and enjoyed. I felt so accomplished! I did it all by myself! I went into the community, did something normal, and came out happy on the other side. Here are the bewildered and happy kids, “whoa. chocolate. and mama took us out to someplace new.” will wonders never cease?


3 thoughts on “little moments.

  1. Yay for an independent outing into the city! With no mishaps! You're awesome! How's the chocolate there? Same as U.S? Mmmm. Chocolate. 🙂 Sufyan is looking so grown up in that last picture. I miss you guys so much!

  2. In a recent post I loved the 'tree watching'and I also love the blog banner of the tree watchers. I want to see more photos of your house, inside and out, and your rooms. I imagine them to be quite different that US houses, but maybe they aren't.Sounds like you're slowly acclimatizing. What a big change!Love to you all,M-

  3. The countryside is really beautiful. Congrats to you for going out into the city! I have problems enough doing that here and there isn't the whole language barrier/culture issue. The kids are precious, as ever. Looking more grown up everyday.

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