Ramallah is noisy

I am working on a post about a recent adventure to Israel. It could be called a misadventure, really. I think it is a story worth telling and worth your time to read. I think we are all recovered now, nearly a week later. So while I put that together, here is a little sound video.

Ramallah is nothing if not a city FULL of fantastic sounds. My neighborhood is on the outskirts of the city, but over the months I have noticed that we have a rich soundscape here. I captured my favorites on video (morning birds to evening prayer and everything in between) over about a month period and here is a 3 minute video of the sounds of our life here. Really, these sounds are so singular to Ramallah that I know I will hear them when I am 80 and immediately be back in this house with my 1.5 year old Laila and 3.5 year old Sufyan.

3 thoughts on “Ramallah is noisy

  1. I love hearing S talking too! I replayed it over and over. šŸ™‚ What a cool audio postcard to all your blog readers. I feel like the compilation really brings your daily sounds to life. Also enjoyed hearing the ululation during the wedding. How cool!

  2. Brilliant work. The compilation of sound with the visual is touching on an ART INSTALLATION, that puts the viewer in touch with daily life in Ramallah. Congratulations for this artistic presentation, and Keep the good work.Sameh

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