Toy Store in Ramallah

Not sleeping, a day wherein it’s 3pm and I realize I have only eaten a piece of toast, a handful of chips, and the remainder of Laila’s water.  I needed a break today, so I took the kids to a museum a library a park  a toy store for instant gratification and then up the escalator to ride the shekel rides!!!

Yes. That is a TV screen. I wonder what it will play....

Oh. Chinese. THAT makes sense.

There is an old saying that goes, “you can tell a lot about a place by its toy stores”.

We went to a store called Sondos in the Plaza mall.  Sondos is typical of Ramallah baby stores, though maybe a bit more expensive than some. Like everywhere, knock offs are the name of the game!  So amusing.

Belle. (Bratz)

Tool & Brains (Black & Decker)

Barbara (if you are BFFs you can call her/them Barbie)

These Lego knock offs are by Jubilux.  There are LOTS of Lego knock offs in the world, but this play set is surely the most macho.  Take a look:

That cop eats little punks like you for breakfast.

To-Jail-You-gos (Legos)

And those bad dudes are really bad!  (“really really bad”) Gold chains, 5 o’clock shadow, you know he’s up to no good.  Maybe these are Thugos.


There was also an entire shelf of one entire aisle devoted to GUNS.   This gun was the one and only thing acting as a sign to show where something is.  Gun toys HERE.

guns this way

I had to include this picture because my sense of humor generally encompasses anything you thought was funny from age 9 to age 16:


Before we left, my kids agreed that they both could not go home without this little cheap set of pretend miniature kitchen appliances.  Upon opening the box, once I was conscious again after being bowled over by the plastic smell, I had to remove a couple of loose knobs as choking hazards and we were good to go.  Gone are the days of examining a toy box for the CE mark etc.  Upon me are the days of wondering which parts I need to remove to not have a laceration or eye poking incident.
They played with the set all afternoon.  But the real prize to me was the box the set came in.

Here we have a new Engrish Funny word:  GOLUPTIOUS.  What?  oh, try it!  it’s NOT BAD!

Goluptious Toast

Finally, I want to leave you with some cost comparisons.  I spent 40 shekels or $11 on this set of 5 appliances and some cups etc.  The spring loaded toaster fires toast across the room (who needs a gun) and the mixer has a little lever that turns the beaters.  Pretty cool.  Super cheap.  I don’t care if it breaks in a few days.  BUT here is a brand you will know!

Chicco brand is SO expensive here!!! There is even a Chicco store.  SPENDY.

Some examples from Sondos:

Chicco Sounds and Shapes Tambourine.

$27 on Amazon.  160 Shekels or $45 here.

Chicco Whales Family

$9.99 on Amazon.  80 shekels or $23 here.

And the tank of my car which we drove through town to get to Sondos costs us 320 shekels to fill.  That’s $90.

But in the car our potty seat is priceless:

car potty

Mom Thought for Today: on olive branches.

Dynamic duo

In the midst of a big meltdown about _______, when civility has flown out the window and I am just trying to keep us from sliding completely into the abyss, out of the blue and totally off topic my son sobs, “I want APPLE JU-U-U-U-UICE.”  There it is:  the olive branch.  It’s the rope my child throws me.  I have to be paying close attention to know when an olive branch has been extended, but I have never regretted taking it.  Kids want the storm to be over just as much as we do.

Yoga Thought for Today:  asana-s have no inherent value?

This truth cuts through some of the chatter about lineages and their unique (often competing) ways of doing asana/poses.  The value of my asana practice is not measured by my perfection of asana or dogmatic reproduction of my teacher’s form, but by their benefit to me.  When I remember this, I feel much more freedom in my asana practice (sometimes to back off, sometimes to work more aggressively depending on what I actually need).  It also puts the responsibility on me to understand what I am working toward in order to imbue my asana practice with meaning for me.  A teacher cannot give this to me, it comes from within.


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