A quick post for Mother’s Day

Thank you…

…to Laila, who began this mother’s Mother’s Day by waking up so sweetly, not even screaming at me, not remotely upset and who instead snuggled with me and whispered so her brother could stay asleep, who spent the middle of our day together happily laughing with me and making me feel like the world’s luckiest mom, and who ended the evening by hugging me and saying, “I love you, Mommy. Thank you, Mommy” while patting my back and then WENT TO SLEEP WITHIN JUST 30 MINUTES.

…to Sufyan, who started my day by handing me a Mother’s Day card and for the first time ever saying, “Happy Mother’s Day” (I cried. I have never heard my child say those words to me and I had no idea how sweet it would feel. This year, this particular Mother’s Day, was truly a good time to start.  Smart thinking, my son), and who had a big day himself as he went to his cousin’s house for a play date without me. WITHOUT me.  And was happy as a clam, happier even, when he returned.

Posting more would mean giving up sleep. Precious precious sleep. I hope you all had a lovely day today, too.


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