cheap wine

tonight, as my daughter (giddy from exhaustion of a long day) belly flops on the linoleum floor of our kitchen, I…

tonight, as my son sits chewing dreamily on an apple slice that I insisted he eat after a day of “food” at an amusement park, I…

tonight, as my legs ache from a full day of theme park walking and as mom-panic wells up inside me at the sight of my unwashed, exhausted children beginning to fall apart at 10pm, I…

tonight, as I give my tired children a shower and put them to bed, I …

tonight, as I listen to my new-old washer and drying clunking away at our clothes and I look around me at the empty townhouse apartment that is now home, I…

tonight, as I hear my new neighbors plonking up their stairs which are identical to the stairs we just plonked up, I…

tonight I think, “This is not so bad.”

Here we are.  The kids are now in bed, where I should be.  Instead of joining them I am researching better water bottles and drinking the cheapest red wine from a blue coffee mug.  I sit here in my PJs in an empty apartment.  The parking lot lights are sneaking in around the metal blinds.  Shadows are on the beige carpet and a car drives by that needs a muffler.  Outlets that need to be covered.  Cable hook-ups shining on the newly painted walls (new eggshell colored paint).  Our cardboard box for a table.  Toys dotting an otherwise empty living room floor.  The growing pile of shoes by the door.  The view of other identical apartments in this MASSIVE complex surrounding us, towering over us, making me think of a beehive.  Then there is the lovely part.  There is my family starting over.  There is us:  2 small people upstairs asleep after a day at their first amusement park and 1 very tired mama who is procrastinating thinking about bigger things by looking at stainless steel water bottles.  Vapid online shopping to keep the blues away.

Goodnight to my new city, new corner of the world.  Move number 8 nearly complete.  My cheap wine and I are going to bed.


2 thoughts on “cheap wine

  1. I am so glad you are at peace with were you are at in life, in the world. That is so important and sometimes so hard to grasp a hold of regardless of where you might be.

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