Happy Birthday, Baba


(while I am deciding how to write a health update, here is a bit of catch-up on life)

This year, Baba’s birthday snuck up on us.  We (the adults of the household) have a rule that small gifts are ok between us, but it has to truly be a small gift.  As in nothing expensive. Our funds have places to be and people to see.   We just bought a house, after all.

So the kids and I potted an aloe plant for Baba in a pretty blue pot that we found in the shed (another gift from the generous previous owners of the house).  Then we baked him a grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free carrot cake.


The cake sounds like “carrot no-fun cake”, but in fact it was one of the very best carrot cakes I’ve ever tasted.  We even skipped the frosting as it didn’t need it, and I couldn’t have eaten it anyway.

Recipe here (as you will see we skipped the nuts, too, and we added raisins.  Warning that this recipe has a 1 hour soaking of grated carrots, so if you are cooking with little ones you better plan in an hour of doing something else).

Then the kids dictated some sweet letters to Baba and decorated an envelope for the letters and made some pipe cleaner sculptures for him, too.


While we are recipe sharing, I’ll include this one for the homemade chocolate that has been my constant companion lately:  Homemade, vegan, as few as 4 ingredients.  Recipe (and a great food blog) here.  For this batch, I added coconut shreds, toasted almonds, cocoa nibs and cardamom.

IMG_6692 IMG_6693

The best part of the birthday celebration was the evening.  We spent it with new friends.  Not just any new friends, but fellow (healthy) foodie friends who prepared a homemade sushi night for the birthday dinner!  It was AMAZING and so fun.  What’s more fun than making your own sushi rolls and then eating them right then and there?



And of course the kids ended the dinner with a costume walk, as has become their custom (a custom that I really love)


And finally, my friend (being the thoughtful person that she is) made us a truly delicious coconut custard dessert with fresh fruit.  She even remembered a candle.  We had a wonderful time, great food, and even better company.

IMG_6716 IMG_6717


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Baba

  1. I’ve followed your blog almost since you first started writing. Thank you for sharing so much of your life and wisdom. Sending healing thoughts.

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