Yoga, Mama?


I am a Viniyoga trained teacher at the 500 hour level.  I have over 11 years of teaching experience in both public and private classes.

After I became a mother I struggled to have a regular yoga practice.  I would come to my mat feeling the pressure of dishes in the sink, dinners to be made, email to be checked, and PILES OF LAUNDRY to be folded, and find myself so distracted that I would give up and go back to mom-work.  Frustrating!  My self esteem began to deteriorate along with my connection to my practice.  As  yoga teacher of over 10 years, I expected myself to be able to conquer this extreme monkey mind.

Well, fast forward 3 years and finally I have figured it out: 1. be selfish 2. let someone else tell me what to do!

I now ask my incredible husband to watch the kids for at least 90 minutes of practice every day.  And instead of always going the high road and thinking up my own sequence (which was an invitation for monkey mind and my inner critic to hijack my good intentions) I use a book, a video, a podcast OR to practice with.  I modify to make whatever I am doing appropriate for me (that’s my Viniyoga training) but I generally let that canned voice of some distant yoga celebrity tell me what to do.  AND IT’S WORKING!

Fellow moms, “any port in a storm” is the best motto to get through these years with young children.

reunited and it feels so good


8 thoughts on “Yoga, Mama?

  1. Thank you for your blog and for expressing this. I, too, am a yoga teacher and mother of a year-and-three-month-old and have struggled with finding time and space to practice. I have managed to teach 2 classes a week now, but still haven’t been able to do a daily practice, YET! Thanks for the encouragement. I’m excited to read more of your blog!

    • Hey, I just read your reply, I didn’t check ‘follow up comments via email’. I did now 🙂 Anytime you want to talk Viniyoga girl. A student of mine since 2006 has a 6 year old now. She gets up before he gets up and does her practice. She also has been doing an almost daily yoga practice with him for about a year now (Viniyoga style of course – his own practice which has consistent components but of course will be modified each day according to ‘what is going on with him that day’ and – he is unique in that she has been able to bring in ritual and some mantra with him as well – I believe that children do mimic what we do, our example is our best teaching tool 🙂 keeping it fun and working with feedback from him and modifying accordingly seems to be working for them). That work with her son is developing into a yoga for 5-8 year old yoga class that she is starting this spring. We never know where this ‘practice’ will take us !

  2. Hi! I am a friend of Michael Anne’s! Also I am a mom of a soon to be 2 year old. We are living in Berkeley CA. I’m enjoying your blog a lot. Though I am connected to several moms here, I know what you are saying about loneliness. Living abroad is also a big challenge- great that you are finding strength and ways to make it what you need. I admire your ability to claim your own time. A thing I still haven’t managed. It takes determination and discipline. I am moving toward it!
    Thanks for your thoughts and insights.

  3. Really enjoyed reading your insights and experiences of living in Palestine! Am relocating to Ramallah in March with my husband who is from WB and my 2 daughters (2 years and 1 year). Would love to start yoga again and to meet you!
    Best wishes

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