tell me a story. no prompt.

finding a boy in the woods
by S

i was out one time, with my family and they didn’t actually want to have a child. but one came which was me. and still they did not want a child so they built me a home in the woods. they built it against a home in the woods.

it was a brick home who someone lived in it but put a sign out that said for sale. and then you guys bought it.

and then i decide to wander out into the woods. i meant go around the house. and i i actually found elsa (laila) and she took me inside to warm up. and then that’s my story.

that’s just my story but what really happened to me was when i was inside i did not know what what everything was. i didn’t know what a fire was, I didn’t know what warm water was, or a picture or what a tomato was.
at first some wild beasts actually caught up to me but i came to no harm because i told you i was training to be a ninja. i was an honor ninja. but the wolves cannot climb trees…can they?
and i could climb a tree with one hop. one hop to a big thick bush.
i i found a magic ring lost in the woods. a magic invisible ring. it could shoot lasers at people and they would pass out but they wouldn’t die. they just pass out.
that’s my story.

a story by L:
well my powers froze everything.
hickory dickory dock. the mouse ran up the clock. the clock struck one and down he run hickory dickory dock.

i’ll tell you my story. about me.
um. so like this: i just found this little home in the woods. my mom and dad put some decorations on it. and suddenly i found some bushes that were growing. so the boy that somebody found (i don’t remember…well never mind about that)
and um about my home. they…my home could change into different things.
and about this: i had too much cups. so i had to give some wolfs some to eat. they would just have a mouth full of prickles.
just like baby dragons. baby bearded dragons. and i found a creek that looked just like this and i decided to jump up in the sky get a parachute and jump back down into the pool then i caught my cat in the pool and then i picked him up with my parachute and i flew up into the sky and i landed on one of the clouds.
and um. um. and. and.. i flew to my own house with my cat sitting in my lap then i landed back into my bed in my dream. then my teeth ran out of my …one tooth of mine found a little pool in my mouth. she jumped in she swam and then she told all her other friends. they all jumped into the diving pool they all held hands and spladoosh. then they saw big hairy giant.